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Pivot –
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Session 1: September 10th
Session 2: September 13th
Session 3: September 17th
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Session 5: September 24th
Session 6: September 27th
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Optimizing Organizational Performance

Optimizing Organizational Performance

Let’s take a moment to imagine an organization with a clear and compelling vision. Where there is an inclusive alignment to this inspiring purpose. There exists a differentiating strategy and a set of organizational values that permeates every business activity and...

Inspiration of Positive Change

Inspiration of Positive Change

When people are inspired they have the energy and passion to attack challenging objectives and needed changes. They have the belief and hope that great things will happen and a vision of the pathway to get there. This occurs when we replace fear with a sense of...

AI and Entrepreneurial Success

AI and Entrepreneurial Success

A blog a few weeks ago spoke about how Appreciative Inquiry aligns with the way an entrepreneur thinks. I would like to explore here how Appreciative Inquiry can bring an entrepreneur’s concept to fruition and achieve the success they seek. When an entrepreneur comes...

Organizational Confidence

Organizational Confidence

We know from experience and also research that when people are positive and feel confident, they are better able to tap into their personal resources and perform at a higher level. When organizations can create positive cultures and environments where their people...

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