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Pivot –
to Positive Leadership: The Road to High Performance

Session 1: September 10th
Session 2: September 13th
Session 3: September 17th
Session 4: September 20th
Session 5: September 24th
Session 6: September 27th
All sessions are virtual from 9:30-12pm PDT
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The session on appreciation leadership and the value of using positive questions to stimulate positive ideas, actions and innovation changed the way I interact with my team. I am a much more effective leader, and person, now.

We are highly skilled interactive educators. By integrating the latest social science theories and research about positive organizational development, strengths and appreciative inquiry into experiential learning programs we provide skills and knowledge needed by members of organizations and communities to operate effectively in today’s fluid, mobile environment.  Our workshops are designed to meet the needs of diverse learning styles by balancing theory and practice, lecture and dialogue, and personal and organizational capacities. The result is meaningful, easily accessible and applicable learning.

Public Workshops

Our public workshops and certificate program in Appreciative Inquiry and the Practice of Positive Change provide leaders and change agents with the foundational knowledge and skills needed to adapt and apply Appreciative Inquiry to their work. Our core workshops are:

    • The Power of Appreciative Inquiry (formerly Foundations of Appreciative Inquiry)
    • Applications of Appreciative Inquiry
    • Appreciative Coaching
    • Appreciative Inquiry Summit Workshop
    • Appreciative Leadership Development Program©
    • Cultivating Strengths with Appreciative Inquiry
    • Appreciative Alchemy: A Spiritual Retreat with Diana Whitney (previously called Being Appreciative Inquiry Spiritual Retreat)

Welcome to our learning community. We look forward to seeing you in one of our Colorado-based workshops soon.  Or visit our Corporate website for programs in other parts of the United States, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and Singapore.

In-House Trainings

We regularly design and deliver educational programs, workshops and seminars for our clients:

  • We facilitate company wide workshops as part of large-scale change efforts. As a strategy for organization development education builds commitment by ensuring that people have the knowledge and skills needed to contribute their best to the goals of the organization. We can assess your positive core and turn it into practical training to help your function or whole organization build and sustain high performance.
  •  We build relational capacity and organizational resiliency across generations, functions and levels. Today’s workforce is highly diverse and each sub-group comes to work with its own way language and ways of doing things. Training is a highly effective tool for building relationships and creating a shared way of working. We can help you learn about and align the strengths and know how of your diverse workforce.
  •  We create learning organizations and inspire unprecedented innovation. Collaborative learning forums and creative think tank sessions can open the door to knowledge creation, exploration and experimentation, which are needed to foster a learning culture and drive successful innovation. We offer highly creative, collaborative learning experiences, which stimulate new ways of working and result in successful innovation in products, and services.
  •  We develop new paradigm leadership capacities. The world of work has changed. Approaches to leadership that served well in the past do not address the challenges of our time. Appreciative Leadership does. It is a philosophy and a set of strategies that give rise to relational practices applicable across industries, sectors and arenas of collaborative action. We provide a full compliment of Appreciative Leadership workshops and programs, from one day to two- years, to build new paradigm leadership awareness and capacities.

No group is too small or too large for learning. We are happy to adapt Appreciative Inquiry and Appreciative Leadership to meet the needs of your organization or community. Some of the specialty areas for which we have tailored our work include: Management, Selling, Community Service, Health Care, Education, Human Resources and Faith Based Organizations.

Appreciative Leadership Trainings

We offer a series of educational programs to support the development of leadership capacities in organizations and communities.

Appreciative Leadership Development Program (ALDP)©
A fully affirmative four-day session focused on building awareness of strengths and leadership high performance patterns. This workshop is an opportunity for new leaders and leaders in transition to create a clear, positive vision and path forward for leadership and life success.

Appreciative Leadership in Practice
Offered as one-day modules, these practice-oriented workshops can be mixed and matched to meet your organization’s needs. Choose one to target a specific skill and build capacity. Choose five or more and create a comprehensive program to build skills in the innovative practices needed to transform your leadership style and organization culture. Some of the many Appreciative Leadership Practices we teach include: The Art of the Question, Strengths Spotting, Root Cause of Success Analysis, Appreciative Interviewing, Story Telling, Flipping Problems, Appreciative Strategic Planning, Triple Bottom Line Decision Making, and Appreciative Coaching.

Leading with Positive Power
A series of four workshops this program takes participants on the journey of leadership, from self-awareness, to building skills, to practical applications. It begins with the ALDP© and ends with a practicum in community service. Each session is four days and has both pre-work and follow-up work. The four workshops are:

      1. Appreciative Leadership Development Program©
      2. Appreciative Inquiry and Positive Change
      3. Appreciative Leadership in Practice
      4. Practicum in Positive Community Service
Coaching by Tenny Poole


We offer personalized one-on-one coaching to enhance leadership and professional confidence, resiliency and effectiveness. [ more > ]

Consulting by Tenny Poole


We are visionary leaders in the growing field of positive change. Our methods and tools are firmly grounded in the strength-based principles of Appreciative Inquiry. [ more > ]

Workshops with Tenny Poole


In our workshops we bring leading edge theory and research to life through relevant experiential activities and practical applications. [ more > ]

Speaking engagements with Tenny Poole


We are highly engaging keynote speakers available to raise the energy, positively shake things up, and inspire action at your next conference or corporate executive development program. [ more > ]