The day has come to abandon the notion of Change Management and instead move to Change Mastery. The words change management themselves sound and feel controlling and top down. The idea of burning platforms and concept of change because of pain can now be replaced with action inspired by passion and collective wisdom. It is time to believe in and trust our people to be the source of innovation; to believe they have the capacity to achieve change we did not believe was even possible. When we create the space and allow people the freedom of choice they will make responsible and inspired decisions. We will be able to move beyond fixing and instead tap into the zone where possibility and creation flourish. This describes CHANGE MASTERY. We know how to do this. Many have been harnessing this power by employing Appreciative Inquiry in their change efforts for decades. For those who know it, it has become a standard for change. It is a place where hope and passion prevail over pain, control, fear and disappointment. For those who have the courage to take this path, Appreciative Inquiry is the road to Change Mastery – a place where results, innovation and employee engagement thrive.

Tenny Poole is Co-Principal of Corporation for Positive Change and Principal of West Coast Center for Positive Change in Orange County, CA.