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Tenny Poole, Author, Coach, Consultant

Tenny Poole is a principal of Corporation for Positive Change as well as founder and principal of the West Coast Center for Positive Change. Tenny is a master trainer and facilitator using Appreciative Inquiry to achieve positive change. She also consults with organizations to develop positive organizational culture and transformational leadership. She is an ICF certified executive coach and she is a positive intelligence mental fitness coach.

Tenny spent 30 years pursuing her passion for delivering top quality human resources services. During Tenny’s 10 years as Vice President of HR for Experian Americas Credit business she used appreciative inquiry to further the performance of technical, software development, purchasing and HR functions among others. During her tenure at Experian, she was instrumental in the “Transformation of Human Resources” project that redesigned the HR function to deliver strategically focused HR services. Also, while at Experian, Tenny was responsible for the HR work to open Experian’s off-shoring center in Santiago, Chile and provided the initial HR support for Experian’s successful business expansion into Latin America and Canada.

Tenny was selected the 2000 Human Resources Executive of the Year by the Orange County Affiliate of the National Human Resources Association. This recognition was for her work in accelerating culture change, developing her HR team, and implementing new human resources strategies at Experian.

Tenny’s work focuses on developing organizations where employees excel thus leading to superior organizational performance.


Executive coaching to support the journey of visionary leaders desiring to be transformational leaders to create environments where employee thrive and organizational results soar.

Positive Intelligence Coaching – mental fitness coaching to strengthen the mental shift from your survival brain to your positive brain where peak performance is possible.


Using a specialized approach to achieving important change objectives based on appreciative inquiry. Each change project is customized to your specific organization and desired change objectives.

Examples of achieving meaningful, sustainable change such as the following:

  • Increasing Organizational Performance
  • Strategy redirection
  • Strategy implementation
  • Increasing customer service
  • Increased effectiveness of your meetings
  • Implementation of Mergers or Acquisitions
  • Intentionally design your most desired culture
  • Build a values driven culture including how to bring the values to life
  • Redesign HR practices and processes to better support your desired leadership approach and culture.

What change do you need to achieve that will make a difference in the performance of your organization?


  • Pivot to Positive Leadership – the Road to High Performance.
  • Individual and/or team training in positive leadership.
  • Power of Appreciative Inquiry – Train individual how to facilitate positive change projects using appreciative inquiry.
  • Applications of Appreciative Inquiry – Train experienced positive change practitioners on deeper insights of how to apply Appreciative Inquiry.
  • Coaching for Positive Change: An Appreciative Approach – Train coaches how to use a positive focus to coaching using an appreciative approach.

Coaching by Tenny Poole


We offer personalized one-on-one coaching to enhance leadership and professional confidence, resiliency and effectiveness. [ more > ]

Consulting by Tenny Poole


We are visionary leaders in the growing field of positive change. Our methods and tools are firmly grounded in the strength-based principles of Appreciative Inquiry. [ more > ]

Workshops with Tenny Poole


In our workshops we bring leading edge theory and research to life through relevant experiential activities and practical applications. [ more > ]

Speaking engagements with Tenny Poole


We are highly engaging keynote speakers available to raise the energy, positively shake things up, and inspire action at your next conference or corporate executive development program. [ more > ]