When people are inspired they have the energy and passion to attack challenging objectives and needed changes. They have the belief and hope that great things will happen and a vision of the pathway to get there. This occurs when we replace fear with a sense of stability and certainty where people are valued for their strengths instead of picked apart for minor mistakes. When people feel valued they are more likely to value the strengths of others. People want to work with other great people. When we unleash talent and create an environment of inspiration the result is increased curiosity, learning, teamwork, collaboration and innovation. These are key elements needed to respond to the competitive environment around us. This requires a very different concept of leadership. To unleash peoples’ potential we will move from control and holding people accountable to inspiration where people want to be accountable and have the opportunity to do their best work and make their greatest contribution. This is the space where positive change exists. This is an environment where both people flourish and organizations excel and achieve extraordinary results. The Corporation for Positive Change are experts in this space.

Tenny Poole is Co-Principal of Corporation for Positive Change and Principal of West Coast Center for Positive Change in Orange County, CA.